Thursday, December 20, 2012

Unlocking SmartBro, Globe, Sun E153-U1-U2-U3

Download this link >>> E153 Full Software Unlocking

1. Install QPST_2.7.323_(2008-09-19)
2. Backup the NVitems (note: this is very important to do you need that backup on the last part) go this link   >>>  How to Backup NVitem
     if you done Backup the NVitem proceed to no. 3
3. Downgrading Using Huawei Flasher by "FrAnCeScO"

3.a. Plug your modem
3.b. Run Huawei Flasher (Must have Internet Connection)
       see if the modem is detected

3.c. Click SELECT FIRMWARE and point it to E153Update_11.609.18.00.00.B427(1).exe
        and uncheck the 06.bin
        it looks like this
3.d. Click Flash Modem then choose Normal Mode
        it goes like this
it ask "Press OK if the modem is connected" count 15 seconds the thats the time you press OK and it will load, and leave it until it done, When it done you will see on 8.bin fail its ok just unplug the modem and plug it again and  do NOTHING just do the no. 4 instruction.

4. Restoring NVitems (note: if you cant do this your IMEI will be disappeared )
    Plug your modem and run QPST at Start > All Programs > QPST > QPST Configuration
    Click Start Clients > Software Download
Click Restore then browse the Backup you did on first instruction.
If you done restoring Insert Other Sim and open your Dashboard


Just Comment if you have any Questions and i will answer it anytime.


Damang Gagamba said...

kulang ng back-up boss...back-up muna bago flasher

Damang Gagamba said...

back-up tutorial pic

Davao Area said...

Nandyan po sa link kasi mahaba na ang post kung isabay ko pa..hanapin ninyo to sa taas na word "How to Backup NVitem" yan ung link

Mark Andrew Manuzon said...

wala n yta ung pang unlock ng modem dre?

Davao Area said...

May link dyan boss i download mo basahin mo ang instructions,,E153 model lng ko ibang model abangan lng!!

wansebensiks said...

paano pag ayaw ma detect yung model sir?

Cracked Portal said...

Baka dead yang modem mo! Try mo tingnan sa device manager

wansebensiks said...

ok naman xa.. nakikita ko naman sa device manager kung anong port xa.. yun lang pag i open ko yung Huawei Flasher hindi nadeedetect yung model. yung port lang :(

Cracked Portal said...

Kung ma detect ng huawei ang port mo kahit wala name ng modem mo ok lng yan!!! As long as ma detect yang port bg qpst at maka back up ka

Ramil Constantino said...
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Jomar Entac said...

Bakit pag click ko ng Normal Mode .. Reading info .. FAIL ? Help nmn boss cracked :C