Monday, February 11, 2013

Cherry Mobile Skyfire Rooting

This smartphone is called the Cherry Mobile Skyfire, To root the Skyfire just follow the instruction at the bottom.

1 GHz Dual Core Processor. Superior Processor. Strong Performance.

4.7" Capacitive Large LCD: Vibrant resolution and intuitive mulit-touch screen.
5.0 Megapixel Camera. Dual Camera with 5MP Main Camera with Flash

Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. Create your own mobile world filled with the hottest apps and high-powered features. Gain access to over 300,000 apps in Google Play.

FM Radio: Groove and listen to the latest music played on air.

Instructions for rooting Skyfire:

1. ON the USB Debugging. Go to Settings >> Development >> USB Debugging
2. Download Root by Bin4ry Tool.
3. Install PdaNet for Windows
4. Connect your Flare to the computer via USB
5. Unzip the file you have just Downloader and On the folder find the "RunMe.bat" and Double Click it to run.
6. In the command prompt window, Press 1 (Device = Normal) when it ask the device type.
7. After a seconds, you will be asked to press restore on your device. After you press your device will be reboot
8. After the device reboot, The command will copy some important files to your phone, You don't have to do anything unless it says the operation is successfully completed.
9. Disconnect you device and reboot.
10. Then try any apps that required root.
11. Done, Congrats your Skyfire is now rooted. have fun with it.


Ferlindo Jr. Foncardaz said...

Thank you very much! Rooted na Skyfire ko. ^_^

narsming said...

pwde request? flare pod...

Cracked Portal said...

nandyan napo, try to see on category at right side :-)

Cracked Portal said...

your welcome Ferlindo

jhony monsanto said...

Pwede po b yan as sky fire 2.0

Cracked Portal said...

Wala pa po sa Sky fire 2.0, E popost ko lang dito if ma Test ko na ang rooting.

haruh teston said...

eto po ang nalabas pag kinlick ko ung download binary tool link. pahelp naman po. pakisend po ung info (FB: kung pano iroot ung phone ko na skyfire. pleaaaase! :(

Cracked Portal said...

click mo ung binary tools din skip mo lng ang ads,

Cheeney Roa said...

still updated?

Cracked Portal said...

Yes Updated

Cracked Portal said...

Yes Updated

Cracked Portal said...

Yes Updated