Saturday, June 1, 2013


AutoProxy Free Streaming Youtube and Video Downloads, Free Browsing also

For Android Phones And PC.

Downlaod This Files for Android >> CLICK Me


1. After you done downloading the files. Install all the files to your Android phones.

1.a: Set your APN:

ATTENTION!!! Your phone must be rooted and have an iptables binary with nat support.

This app is based on the TransProxy app by daveba.

2. If done Installing Go to AutoProxy App then add proxy for Browsing and Streaming at the Bottom Left (+ icon). 

for Streaming Proxy add this : & 
Port : 80
Then Press Back and it automatically save the proxy.

For Browsing Proxy add this : 
Proxy Host :
Port: 80
Press back automatic proxy saved.

3. Go to your Settings then turn ON the DATA then back to AutoProxy then Connect the Proxy you want to use. 
Note: if you want to stream videos connect the Streaming Proxy and if Browsing Connect the Browsing Proxy.
If you want to download the YouTube videos use TubeMate.apk.

4. For PC connect the Globe Dongle in your PC then Connect 3G, Go to your FireFox and set the Proxy Settings under Network, Just input the Streaming Proxy above.

Good luck Guys...
Feel Free To Ask Questions Just Comment.


Cracked Portal said...

PWEDE na E download i make to the public na ang link.

seanfield said...

Meron po b kyo pra s unrooted phone?

Cracked Portal said...

meron pero pag smart po,,grabeh ang lakas maka download ito ung link Smart Free Net

marjos081008062509 said...

ok parin po ba to up til now?