Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Peko: Play to be Paid! (9.70$ A Day For PC, ANDROID And IOS Users)

Peko: Play to be Paid! (9.70$ A Day For PC, ANDROID And IOS Users)

**How To Install!***

--For IOS--

1. Download SurfEasyVpn And Connect To US IP
2. Create US Apple ID Click Link For Instructions::
Use Google For US addresses
3. On IOS Device Add The Account You Created
4. Download And Install Peko
You Can Now Turn Off VPN After Install
Now Open Peko App And Connect To Facebook
Use This code If Asked To Receive 5000 Points: ZZNp5hdF
--For Android--
1. Download And Install Peko 2.4 On This Link <<<<< Peko 2.4 >>>
Now Open Peko App And Connect To Facebook
Use This code If Asked To Receive 5000 Points: ZZNp5hdF
--For PC--
1. Download And Install Bluestacks Software Here:
2. Then Follow Instructions For Android Above
===Simple Tutorial On How To Earn Points===
For Starters You Have 10 Peko's. Go To Scramble Match You Will See Peko Users. Click One Then Click Peko Then Wait For Them To Peko You. You Will See Notification Above Open It And Click Play To Play Peko Drop. If You Shoot It On Gold You Will Play The Jackpot Challenge For A Chance To Win Up To 100k Points! If You Have Used All Your 10 Peko's You Can Ask Others To Peko You Just Type A Message Or Click Any Smiles On The Scramble Match.
On Peko Drop For More Chance To Shoot On Gold. Gold Must Be Down(6 O'clock) The Speed Must Be High Then Click Drop. If Gold Is Above(12 O'clock) The Speed Must Be Low Then Click Drop.
Original Post Tutorials/Tips/Other Apps Check Here:
Alternate Link:

Payment Prof:


1. How To Redeem your points?

- First you need to have Paypal account, register in Paypal.
Your Paypal must be verified.

2. How to get more coins in Tapjoy in order to get stamp in PEKO?

- Download Tapjoy app through Playstore or App Store create account with same account in PEKO.

3. How to know more tricks in PEKO to get more points?

- Join this Facebook Group
or do comment here, the admin will answer your questions.


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