Thursday, August 28, 2014


GlobAllShare is a new social media platform; according to its website, it is “The Society of the Future”, as its goal is to setup the world’s largest, unrestricted, social networking site. Unlike other websites where interactions with other users are subject to certain limitations (e.g. Facebook, Google+), GlobAllShare has no restrictions (except for adult material or anything illegal).

GlobAllShare has no specific products or services to sell. You may get services at GlobAllShare’s website completely free for which elsewhere you used to pay. Free phone, free video-calls, live web-lectures, web-conference, video-email, SMS sending, games, films, music and all free you may create your own website or web-store, too.
The company runs a social network, with affiliates who sign up and recruit during the pre-organization period awarded “shares” in the company, on the condition that they contribute to the world-wide growth of the network. Members will also be able to receive monthly dividends from 70% of the global profit in proportion to the amount of the shares owned; thus every shareholder will get a constant monthly earning.
The pre-organization period lasts until the end of August 2014.

Register Here to Get your Share <<<<<<GLOBALLSHARE>>>>>>>>>

During this period:
1. You earn one share when you join GlobAllShare.
2. You earn one share for each day you login to GlobAllShare.
3. If you directly invite 5 new members, you will receive one share. Having any more people sign up after the first 5, does not earn you additional shares. You will, however, receive one additional share whenever someone, under your downline, recruits 5 new members up to 7th level downline.
The following table shows the maximum number of shares that can be earned by recruiting people:

level 1      5 invites               1 GAS share
level 2      25 invites             5 GAS shares
level 3      125 invites           25 GAS shares
level 4      625 invites          125 GAS shares
level 5      3,125 invites       625 GAS shares
level 6      15,625 invites     3,125 GAS shares
level 7      78,125 invites    15,625 GAS shares
Total                                   19,531 GAS shares

GAS stands for GlobAllShare

These free shares are only awarded during the pre-organization phase. After that, you will not be able to receive any more free shares. You will only have the option to purchase or sell your shares to other members.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spark Profit earn $30-$100 per week (Stocks Prediction)

Spark Profit is a free web and app application where you can earn points by stock predictions, and those points can convert to CASH, in my case around $30 per week it says I'm good in stocks LOL.
The Nous company will pay you through Paypal. Don't worry how to start the app, the company include the tutorials and you can learn by following the tutorials from them.

The following week I will post my predictions here, the prediction will run a week but its up to you if you stop the prediction. e.g your point in Gold is reach 10K, you can stop now and save that points, then make another prediction.

Sept 08- 12 2014 Prediction
S&P 500 UPWARD it will lead us to 2010 level after that go DOWNWARD
NIKKEI 225 UPWARD until 16,000 if reached put it to DOWNWARD
NOTE: This is initial, I will change it later if the movement are changed

Prof of my Payment, I only got 3 payments for now. I just played this game around 1 month now.